Books take you to places you haven’t yet been – it’s like diving into an unknown world.’

In Whaley Bridge Primary School, all children encounter a wide range of reading learning opportunities.

Whole class teaching takes place and texts are used as a stimulus for further literacy based activities. Our children love to listen to stories! In Guided Reading sessions, pupils work in small, adult led groups to explore texts, building particularly on comprehension and inference skills.

At Whaley Bridge Primary School, our books are banded into colours. This provides children with a pathway of progression in reading.

In order to foster a love of books and an interest in reading we begin the children on a journey of reading with the books and characters from the Oxford Reading Tree Range. Details can be found at From the early days this scheme is supplemented by numerous other books to increase vocabulary, genre range and exposure to different authors.

Pupils read regularly to ensure both accuracy and understanding.  We are fortunate in that we are supported by a committed team of volunteers comprised of parents and grandparents.

Each year in March we celebrate World Book Day, by enjoying different reading themed activities. We also host a yearly book fair which is really popular and well supported. We are currently developing new and exciting ways to encourage reading for pleasure across the school, placing a higher focus on our wonderful library.

All of the above help to broaden the reading experiences of our children. Exposing children to the range of reading opportunities and broadening vocabulary, our children are in a better place to form opinions, make choices and hopefully develop a life-long love for reading!