Year 6; Mrs Green & Miss Mansfield

Welcome to Year 6 class of 201718!

 We hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday and that the children are excited for their final year at WBPS!

Throughout the year, we will post updates and important information on this page. For more information about our topics, see the topic web and class letter below!

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask 🙂

Mrs Green, Miss Mansfield & Mrs Chadwick

KS2 National Curriculum Assessment Results 2017

To help you understand your child’s results there are two handy links below. One is an information booklet explaining the tests, teacher assessments and providing answers to common questions. The second link shows the scores associated with each test and how the scaled score is then calculated. Each child will have a Results page within their end of year report – coming home Friday 14th July

Standards & Testing Agency Information for parents

Test Score conversion tables

    *Tuesday  22 November is Year 6’s WW2 Air Raid Warden Workshop Day*

  arp    evacuees  suitcase anderson-shelter  first-aid stirrup-pump gas-mask 

Year 6 will be dressed in role as they take part in a range of exciting and authentic learning activities and experiences led by Darren Birchall of Balestra School Workshops.  

Activities will include viewing and handling artefacts, constructing a timeline and first aid, blackout and stirrup pump tasks.

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Welcome to the Y6 class of 2016/17

A big, warm hello and welcome goes out to the Year 6 class of 2016/17. It was lovely to welcome everyone back to school for the start of a brand new term, after a fab summer holiday.

Year 6 is an extremely important, yet fun and exciting year. The children have now reached the top of the school where we hope they will rise to the challenge of being in Year 6 and be inspired and motivated to make the most of the opportunities which come their way, whether that be the learning of challenging new skills, finding the confidence to stand up in front of others, being excellent role models to the younger children in our school or representing our school in the wider community. We will encourage the children to become independent learners who take responsibility for their own learning. We hope that they will enjoy their time in Year 6, always try their best and prepare themselves well for their end of year assessments and their transition to high school. All the support and interest you take in your child’s education will be invaluable. 

Homework will continue to be handed out on Friday but should now be returned on Wednesday to give me time to mark it. Spellings will now be tested on Wednesdays. I hope you will take an active interest in their homework as it will reflect the work the children are covering in class.

This year, Year 6 will be taught by myself, Mrs Green, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and Mr Hepworth on Tuesdays. They will be supported by Mrs Adams and Mrs Chadwick (Teaching Assistants).

We have already had our ‘Meet the Teacher’ meeting but, as ever, I am always available to meet with parents and carers regarding any aspect of your child’s time here in Year 6.  

Below you will find an attachment detailing the Year 6 curriculum overview.  This shows the topics we will be covering during the year. Our current topic, as detailed in the topic web is, ‘Keep the Home Fires Burning!’ focussing on what life was like for children during WW2.

Mrs Green

                                                Click here to see our: y6-curriculum-overview-2016-2017

Autumn 1

Topic Web

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Autumn 2

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Spring 1

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Spring 2

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Summer 1

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Summer 2

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